On Saturday while I was teaching my learn to spindle spin class (5 newbies aspinnerated, yay!) Trev wandered off to the allotment treasurer’s house, paid our rent for the year and collected our key. So yesterday we took the short walk over to our allotment and started trying to wrap our head around the scale of what is ahead of us. It’s funny how you wait for one for two years and then when you get it, you feel totally unprepared!

I give you, our own little 75 square yards:

Our Allotment

And here’s the view from the top, looking down:

Our Allotment

You can see that it’s not completely overgrown, although it’s not great. We started to pick up some of the bits of rubbish that were just laying about and placing them in that big old plastic tub thing, which we may end up using as some sort of water storage unit. I’m amazed at some of the stuff on there… I mean seriously, what sort of numpty puts polystyrene in the ground???

So seeing it like that, makes it a little overwhelming! Having said that, Trev is keen to get cracking on turning it to usable space. Our current plan is to mark out where we want our beds to be, and start digging those over – removing any weeds and composting them. While we will be a little limited on what we can plan this year, we can at least set all of the fruit and permanent items, e.g. asparagus, giving us a little bit of a headstart on next year.

We’re also trying to plan what size shed to get. We’re resigned to not having room for a greenhouse (we’ll get a teeny one and keep it in the back yard), so a shed is super important, along with a bit of guttering to collect water so we don’t have to make endless trips to the taps and back.

Fingers crossed today we’ll spend finalising our plan and then during the week when I’m back at work Trev can get digging. It is become clear that not having a car might be a bit of a pain… makes transporting things like compost, or material to build our beds with a bit of a challenge. My Dad has already volunteered to come up for shed-building weekend, but that’s going to be a little way off at the moment!

It’s exciting! 🙂

One thought on “Allotment

  1. Yay! That is exciting!! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what your little space transforms into, and I wish you all the best and hope you get plenty of fresh yummies.

    Our garden came with polystyrene also, it was just bizarre. I reckon some people might confuse polystyrene with perlite, and put the former in thinking it’s the latter.

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