Sebastian Update

Well it’s been almost a month since we bought little Sebastian home, so I thought I’d give a little bit of an update on him!

He’s doing well – growing a bit and is now nicely settled in to his case, which we recently took the opportunity to tart up a bit!

The cage originally looked a bit like this:

Bit boring – got some good tubes etc going on, but not a whole lot.


Seb's Cage

Since he doesn’t use the house to sleep in (he makes a bed for himself under the platform behind the pipe in the corner, and stores food in the other corner) we decided to move the house and put some more stuff up there for him to play with and eat. He particularly seems to enjoy that long hay roll and often hides in there to eat snacks.

There’s also a crazy hanging thing that features nuts and wood… he climbs up this thing and dangles from the nuts with his teeth… he’s a bit mad. Then we have the little folding sticks, which at the moment are a little bridge for him to climb on or hide under and finally a teeny little rush ball for him to push around and nibble.

So hopefully lots to keep his interest and to keep his teeth under control.

Little dude is so cute – still doesn’t like being handled too much, but we’re making good progress and he’s more comfortable with being stroked etc now which is good. I wonder if getting him at a slightly older age is making it a bit harder for him to socialise? Poor dude.

But so cute!

Here’s a great picture of him stuffing his face:

Hamster Cheeks

Nice to have a hamster in the house again πŸ™‚


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