Sir Gerrington

Time to introduce you to another new family member!

We finally took the plunge and got ourselves another cat. After Kooky died in January it just didn’t feel the same without a cat in the house. We contacted a locate cat charity, had the home visit done and had a look at some of the kitties looking for new homes.

We saw an older male cat, possibly around 7 or 8 who had lived outside all his life. He was currently sheltering in a garden, in some kennels provided by the cat charity, but still living outside on a combination of his wits and food being provided by the lady who owned the garden.

We went to visit this cat – sat with him outside for a couple of hours and he seemed to like us. Less than a week later, he came to live with us. I present to you, Gerry:


He’s a little white and ginger cat – a bit skinny, but we’re hoping we can fatten him up a bit with some soft living and good food. You get a little clue from the picture but something’s a bit odd with his mouth – he’s lost a lot of teeth during the course of his life and has a weird little lopsided smile.

He’s already started to learn where the sunny spots in the house are:


He also loves to snuggle:


The first night he really struggled to settle and went around meowing constantly – wanting reassurance and company. Eventually he decided he was ready to lie down and sleep – on my side. He drifted off with his paws and head nestled by my neck, snoring softly. The second and third nights he got quieter and quieter and he’s now as silent as a mouse during the nights – snoozing normally on one of us.

He’s also taken well to learning how to use the litter tray. First couple of days weren’t great and we still have the odd accident, but he’s not doing badly. Where I’d love to see him to better is for him to decide that his scratching posts are preferable to my furniture and carpets, but you can’t have everything right?

It’s been so lovely to see him settle and and I can’t wait to see how he looks in a few more weeks once he’s a bit more settled!


3 thoughts on “Sir Gerrington

  1. AWWW, Gerry is a cutie! How wonderful you rescued an older cat who really appreciates snuggling opportunities with his humans. Best wishes to you all!

    1. Thanks Callie! He does indeed love our cuddles, but he’s gone off in a miff just now because we refused to give him some of our pizza. He’s not short on personality 🙂

  2. That last picture of Gerry is absolutely adorable! I am so glad that you decided to adopt him. And that smile! It melts my heart. (And Henry already melts my heart on a daily basis)

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