Rock + Purl Mystery Sock

Despite all the socks I’ve knitted, I’ve never taken part in a mystery sock knit-a-long. So when the lovely Ruth of Rock + Purl said she was going to be doing one, I immediately signed up. I had about 4 different socks yarns I wanted to choose between and being unable to make a decision myself, the awesome members of the R+P group voted for the winner.

I ended up going for a skein of Ambleside (100% BFL) by Nimu Yarns in the colour Shiraz:

Nimu Yarns - Ambleside Shiraz

The first clue came out on Monday 30th April, with three subsequent clues to follow over the next three weeks. So with a glass of Shiraz in hand, I wound my yarn and got ready to cast on:

Shiraz Times Two

After steaming through the first clue on both socks (knitting from both ends of the same ball) I then didn’t do anything else until a week ago really, when I managed to knit both legs (clue 2) and do the heel flap, turn and most of the gusset of the left hand sock. I got the rest of sock one finished early in the week and took a few pics to show off on the forum:

Rock + Purl Mystery Sock

Ruth gives some great tips on how to customise the heel flap and gusset if you have a high instep so these are super well fitted. I also love the change of gusset – it’s at the bottom of the foot rather than the top and I really like the effect it gives.

Rock + Purl Mystery Sock

In a few days there’ll also be some photographic challenges going up in the group for the chance to win some fantastic prizes. I’ve taken the shot I’m going to enter – can you guess which category?

R+P Mystery Sock in the Wild!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the right hand sock done soon – got one thing I’d like to get finished first, but I know that once I get cracking, it’ll be done in a couple of days. Pics here when it’s done!


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