Allotment Update

I’d love to say that we’ve been making good progress with the allotment.

That would be a lie.

Instead, I’ll say we’ve made *some* progress.

Trev had done lots of rock moving and started to tidy up – and then we had what felt like three weeks of solid rain. So of course, the weeds have shot up! But he was able to get a good bit of clearing done the other day and we’ll get some of that black membrane stuff to let it all rot down before we turn the soil over.

So it’s gone from this:

Our Allotment

To this:

Our allotment right now

Not much different right? But we did find a LOAD of peppermint (we think) growing over there – so we’ve brought some back and attempted to pot it. We’ll see how it does, but it will make a nice addition to the old-fashioned mint we replaced the other day.

We did go around and take some pictures of other allotments plots that had things we found inspiring!

We loved this shed/guttering/water butt/bench combo. The plot had pretty nice beds too!

Allotment Inspiration

Here are the awesome beds:

Allotment Inspiration

Allotment Inspiration

This dinky little shed is painted in what I’m sure must be a Farrow & Ball green. One day I will have a shed painted in Farrow & Ball colours:

Allotment Inspiration

We met the person running this plot – Ros – it’s taken her nearly eight years to get all this sorted and landscaped, but her full plot (4x the size of ours) looks absolutely incredible. I can but dream!

Allotment Inspiration

Everyone we’ve met so far has been really lovely up there. Looking forward to getting a bit more done. Hope this spell of good weather continues, although it’s so hot you have to go out to the plot either really early in the morning or late at night!

Still, we’re enjoying it and that’s the main thing 🙂

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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