Summer of Sockage

Sometimes I wonder if I’m mad.

Sometimes I know I am.

Right now I’m unsure which I am. I’ve signed up for a sock club. Since I was, you know, SO successful with knitting up the socks from the last one (only two of six already completed, two years on. But they’re high in my queue I promise!).

So what do I do? I sign up for another sock club! I really enjoyed knitting my Sin Miedo socks – a nice complex sock where the pattern could really shine due to the yarn being solid:

Sin Miedo Socks - FO

See what I mean? Probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever knitted. So when Magpielly was scoping out interest in a “solid” socks club, I thought it would be a great idea!

You get send one parcel a month for four months and here’s some blurb about the patterns:

The designs will cover a mix of techniques including twisted stitches, lace, cables and textured stitches, as well as different styles of toes and heels. Two will be knit from the top-down, two from the toe up. All patterns will be sized to fit feet with a cirumference of 7 (8, 9)”/18 (20.5, 23)cm.

The club will run for four months (June-September), and each month you will get x2 50g skeins of sock yarn, and a sock pattern. The designers are Rachel Coopey (Coop Knits), Elly Doyle (Magpielly!), Ruth Garcia-Alcantud (Rock & Purl) and Sam Parfitt (Dark Nights Yarn Dreams).

Just perfect! The yarn used will be Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock, which should wear well as has some nylon content. Elly also gave us the opportunity to pick our own colours! I’ve done this and will have all the yarn posted to me at once, so I can choose which yarn to use for which pattern. I’ve gone for some real bright, strong colours – ones that I haven’t really knitted with (particularly not socks) before – but if you can’t use fun colours for socks, when can you? I’ll share my choices with you when the yarn arrives later in June.

To get me ready for this I’m planning to finish off my Audrey cardigan, the Rock + Purl Mystery Sock and if I can, my Celes shawl – so I have a clear queue and can start with a clear conscience (as long as I don’t think about the socks from the other club!)

Really looking forward to it though – I’ve got my sock mojo back recently, it feels like, so excited to be doing some interesting patterns. I’ve also used it as a little bargain with myself as I’m running out of room for yarn and fibre in our tiny house. I have yarn for 18 of the patterns currently in my queue (technically 19, as I need to add one into the queue that isn’t there). I’m going to do my best to *gasp* NOT BUY ANY MORE YARN until I’ve knit up these items.

Let’s see how I go. It’s just unfortunate that most of my stash now is sock yarn and my house hasn’t got the message that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash and therefore shouldn’t eat up my storage quota.

Maybe it would be easier to move to a bigger house… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Summer of Sockage

  1. Lovely socks- and I really like Ruth’s mystery sock – I wished I’d signed up for it, but I didn’t really have time! Good luck with knitting down your stash!

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