Drive By Post

I don’t like to let a week go past without posting, so just time for a super quick speedy post while I watch the Canadian Grand Prix highlights and then crash ready for work tomorrow.

In terms of work – it’s going really well. I’m very busy, but also happy. I can’t get over how unstressed I feel. Funny to think about the effect that last two years in my old job must have had on me… but of course you do your best not to think about it at the time as if you do, you just can’t do it day after day. So pleased to be happy. Plus I’ve had great feedback so far, which is always lovely.

I’ve got lots of planned posts in the pipeline – I made two acquisitions a week ago that I need to blog about – both of which will become little projects in their own right and have future blog posts dedicated to them πŸ™‚

The Audrey cardi is even closer to completion, although it’s taking me a bit longer than I thought it might. Just have to do the neck edging and attach buttons and then we’re all done. Pics soon!

Finally, planning a trip away for our tenth wedding anniversary in October. We may go and spend a few days in the Yorkshire Dales and then go up to Edinburgh for several days to spend some time with friends… but we’re currently planning the exact itinerary. Going to be fun though! Hit me up with your Edinburgh recommendations for things to see and do. And eat! Mustn’t forget the all important noms…


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