Super Chile

Some of you will have read Alisha’s great post about the progress her collection of chilli plants is making. I’m pleased to say that I took possession of one of her Super Chile plants in April, after she was so lovely as to bring it all the way up from London to Leeds on a train when she came to visit.

At the time it was just very leafy and hadn’t started to flower too much… scary how things have changed in five to six weeks as now it looks like this:

Our Super Chile Plant

It’s gone mad and I am pleased to report SEVEN little fruits growing:

Our Super Chile Plant

It’s doing really well and seems very happy. We had one fruit for ages, followed by another two. About a month later another FOUR suddenly sprang up. It’s brilliant šŸ™‚ I can begin to see little roots appearing around the holes at the bottom of the plant so I may repot it soon, but I think it will be good for a few more weeks yet.

My proudest and favouritest thing is that in the last 24 hours one of them has started to ripen:

Our Super Chile Plant

Can’t wait to harvest our first chilli! Hopefully the fact I haven’t killed this bodes well for the allotment šŸ™‚

Thanks Ali for this gorgeous little plant!

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