I know there’s an unwritten rule that chunky girls shouldn’t wear chunky knits. Or maybe it’s actually a written rule. Not sure.

So despite the fact that I should probably never wear any garment knitted from anything thicker than a DK, I find myself lusting after various chunky knitted jumpers that would be perfect for winter. Despite the fact that its meant to officially be summer as of today. (The weather clearly didn’t get that memo as it’s rained all day and for good measure we’ve just had a thunderstorm!)

In particular I love a lot of the Nordic/Icelandic/Faroese (basically anywhere cold north of the UK) style patterns. Those of you who watch The Killing are no doubt familar with this particular jumper:

And while I love the style of it, being honest it’s probably not quite me. I don’t know if I could carry it off. This is where Icelandic sweaters come in – particular those made from a certain type of wool, known as Lopi. This wool has always been known for the fact that it’s quite lightweight, but very warm. Water-repellant, yet breathable. And best of all, there’s a whole culture of patterns featuring gorgeous colour-worked sweaters that go along with this.

My favourite and one I’ve decided I have to knit is this:

(Picture courtesy of Strokkur on Ravelry – please click on the pic to see more fab pics of her project!)

It also gives me the perfect opportunity to learn how to steek – as the garment is knitted in one piece.

Before I do tackle it though, I need to get a better handle on my measurements and how to adjust things to get the right fit in the right places. I think I’ll be reading a lot of Elizabeth Zimmermann!

But I can’t be the only person who dreams of winter knits in summer right? Or actually is mad enough to knit two bulky cowls during some of the hottest weather of the year….. yeah sure….


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