Not Yarn

This post is not about yarn. Because of course, I made a little deal with myself that joining the Sock Club (of which the parcel is in transit, YAY!) meant I would not buy any yarn for a while – at least until I’d got some of the 18 projects or so that I had yarn for, knitted up.

Of course this shouldn’t mean that I can’t buy things that aren’t yarn! Like fibre. Because I do my monthly fibre club, my stash keeps growing faster than I can spin it up and currently looks like this:

Fibre Stash

This isn’t even all of it! Just the indie-dyed stuff…

I am doing *some* spinning. Which is great as Tour de Fleece starts today although I’m not going to attempt to participate as actively as I have done in past years as in all probability, like in past years, I’d just fail miserably. But look! Handspun:

Wilderness Handspun - WIP

About a third done with my latest project. I got loads done in the first few days back when I finished at my last job and then not done any for over 2 months. Always the way, right?

So… what else have I been buying that isn’t yarn?

I am addicted to these:

Fripperies & Bibelots

RingOs by the lovely Fripperies & Bibelots! They are the most amazing, cute little snag-free stitch markers. They come in two sizes – for up to 4mm needles and then up to 11mm needles. I bought my first set, the aptly titled (given my middle name and the current climate) Stormy Weather:

Fripperies & Bibelots

I then placed an order for two very appropriate sets:

Fripperies & Bibelots

Wimbledon markers! With yellow for the ball and red for the customary strawberries. Plus Trev grew up round the corner from Wimbledon so they are oddly appropriate.

You’ve already seen these babies:

Fripperies & Bibelots

London 2012 Olympics!

Fripperies & Bibelots

At some point, I’d love to try her other, dangly stitch markers and maybe join one of her special clubs. As well as stitch markers she sells loads of other stuff, including these lovely little Stitch Safes:

Fripperies & Bibelots

It’s the cutest little crochet hook in a test tube – all dangly and sparkly and ready to help you with your dropped stitches. This one is 2.5mm – most of them seem to be 3.5mm, but this one will be perfect for working on socks and lace.

Fripperies & Bibelots

The best bit? You get a little freebie with every order:

Fripperies & Bibelots

And to end, look what slipped into my basket the other day when I was buying buttons for my Audrey cardi:

Natural Dye Studio Spyder Silk Lace - Heather

A skein of Natural Dye Studio Spyder Silk lace in Heather. Going to pair it with some beads for a lace shawl. But that’s definitely still not yarn…


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