That’s me doing my best Murray Walker impression! If you don’t know who Murray Walker is (former F1 commentator extraordinaire), I suggest you listen to the first 15 seconds of this clip – although all of it is worth listening to, particularly if you follow F1 these days!

Anyway. Getting back on track!

What we are a-go with is the Solid Sock Club! The first pattern came out yesterday, coinciding beautifully with the landing of yarn on doormats. I mentioned before that I had picked my colours in advance and was going to have them all sent to me at once so I could mix and match per pattern.

And here are my choices:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote Yarns

Got some proper bright ones in there!

We have Blue Blood Red:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote - Blue Blood Red

Lightening Lemon:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote - Lightening Lemon

Deco Lime:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote - Deco Lime

Vinca Minor:

Brown Sheep Wildfoote - Vinca Minor

Vinca Minor is actually a lot more purple than it looks in the picture – a really lovely colour! The green and yellow are REAL departures for me. I’ve decided to try and be more bold with my sock yarn choices – when the yarn is destined for socks. If it’s going to become anything else I’ll have to be mindful of the sort of shades I can wear near my face, but for socks, anything goes!

I cast on my first sock last night – the pattern is Carlottina by Rachel Coopey and I’m using Vinca Minor.

Determined not to fall two years behind with this club! I’m sure I can knuckle down for four months and be disciplined πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “GO GO GO!

  1. This is really funny. I picked two of the same colours as you – Blue Blood Red and Deco Lime – and my backup colours were Vinca Minor and Lightening Lemon. πŸ™‚

    (My other two colours are Surfboard Blue and Goldenrod, just so).

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