Time for plying

Rather aptly, this post is a follow-up to Time for a Spin where I showed off the first half of the Gotland I had spun on my Gripping Yarn Phang:

Phang-spun Gotland

I’d been finding consistency a challenge and was living proof that fibres like this (long and crimpy) shouldn’t usually be spun this way. It also got REALLY hard to keep flicking the spindle once it tipped 75g total.

Then as is usual with me, for some reason I did nothing for AGES. It just sat there, in a bag waiting for me to pick it up and spin the second half.

In an effort to be more organised, I started to do a little plan of what I want to spin next, on what spindles, with what result in mind. But before planning totally new spins, it forced me to think about what spins I still had outstanding that need to be finished off. One of them just needs plying and there’s three in varying states of single-ness.

So this one got dug back out and after a few days of slogging at it (particularly on Friday when I had the day off!) I finished the singles. Spent Saturday winding my plying ball and now on Sunday, I’m ready to ply.

Scorched Handspun - WIP

90-odd grams of singles there. Fine-ish too – averaging about 30-32 wpi:

Scorched Handspun - WIP

I imagine it will poof up a lot when plied and finished, but should end up being some sort of 2-ply laceweight, at least initially.

Will report back when all is plied and done! Not sure how much I’ll get done today – been way behind on blogging recently (feels like someone has stolen all my words) so will try and get a couple of posts done and scheduled.

Hope you’re all enjoying Sunday!


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