Man Jumper – Progress

I know I only blogged about the Greystone sweater three days ago, but it was an oldish picture – and I’ve made lots of progress since then. Behold!

Greystone - WOO

All this baby is missing now is the shawl collar. The pattern is question is Brownstone by Jared Flood and Trev saw it last time we wandered into Baa Ram Ewe. He was eyeing up the display of Brooklyn Tweed patterns and kept looking at this one. In our nearly ten years together I’ve never knitted him a garment – he’s had lots of hats, socks and other items, but never a jumper. We go away to Scotland for a few days in October for our anniversary and he asked if I could possibly knit him something in the two months before we leave. Yarn was duly ordered, swatch knitted (in the round and then steeked no less (my first!!!), using Kate Davies’ awesome steeking instructions) and knitting commenced.

I’ll go through the full list of changes (only to length in different places as Trev is nearly 6’4″ tall with long arms) in the FO post, but it’s gone quite quickly so far. Would have been even faster if I’d knitted on it every night. This jumper has seen some good Olympic action! I did think of making it a Ravellenics project, but with work I don’t think I could have done this in two weeks. Particularly as I didn’t start it until after almost a week of the Games.

What I’m most pleased with though, is the FIT. It FITS! And Trev is really pleased with it. I won’t be totally happy until it’s blocked and completely finished – which will include trying to hunt down the right buttons. But the hubster is happy, which is the main thing šŸ™‚

P.S. What’s the betting that this collar might take me an absolute AGE to finish?!?!?


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