Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I’ve been a little bit more active recently. I’m not quite sure what’s sparked it (whether it’s the desire to look a bit better in pictures for our upcoming tenth wedding anniversary, or wanting to be fitter and healther – probably both), but since it is a good thing, I’m not going to question it that much.

So about four weeks ago, I dug out some little used gym gear and went up to a little, local specialised gym and went to a ladies only Thai Boxing class.

Boy, did it hurt. I felt quite stiff/sore the day after as it’s been the most active I’ve been for a long time, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the torture that would be the day after – which as everyone knows is the worst.

I ended up limping around the office. Much to the amusement of colleagues! Thai Boxing is quite intense as in addition to normal boxing, you also use your elbows, knees, legs and feet for kicks and blows – so you work every single set of muscles.

But I went again that weekend, and the Monday immediately after and it didn’t hurt quite so much after each session. I took a break over the bank holiday but went back on Monday just gone and handed over my cash for a month’s worth of membership in exchange for being able to attend as many classes as I want.

This week, I’ve been three times. As I’m enjoying it, I also treated myself to a spot of online shopping:

New Gear Day!

I’ve bought my own pair of boxing gloves, pads for training work (someone else wears one on each hand and you hit them so you can practice your technique and power), hand wraps for protecting your hands inside the gloves and a skipping rope – so I can try and keep active on days off. Plus it means I now don’t have to use the sweaty-man-gear at the gym. Yay!

It’s a fantastic work-out. You easily burn between 700-1200 calories in a 90 minute session depending on how much time you take between exercises. The warm-up itself is a bit of a feat of endurance and I can’t yet get through the whole thing without lying on the floor wanting it all to be over! But I’m slowly getting better at press-ups and sit-ups and hopefully one day soon I’ll acquit myself with pride during the first 20 minutes.

So what am I hoping for? Well, while I have at least 2 stone, or around 30lbs or 13kgs to lose, generally I just want to feel fitter and healthier. Walking to and from work most days (five miles) doesn’t seem to have made much difference overall to my general health so I need to do something a little more drastic.

Plus knowing I can kick someone in the head if I want do, or bring them down with a single punch to the chin, is just a teeny bit cool 😀


2 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. The best thing about something like kick boxing is that it improves your core agility like very few other activities. The speed in which you raise your legs up to kick all comes from the core, and the mechanics of reach with your punches and kicks are pretty cool. 🙂

    We can have a kick-around with the pads when I come to visit in October!

    1. Definitely! I hope to get some arm and leg pads soon so we can do a full work-out at home. Not sure where I’ll put them but we’ll sort something out!

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