The Man Jumper LIVES!

Oh yes. Yes it does! It’s actually been finished for over two months now. It just took a month to get pictures of Trev wearing it on holiday in Scotland and then another whole month to pull myself together and write this blog post! (Although technically it’s not written yet…) You can find my Rav page with all the notes here.

In previous posts (here and here) I’d shown the following in progress pictures of the jumper (Brownstone by Jared Flood):

Greystone - WIP

Greystone - WIP

So… (mini-drum roll) here was what it looked like a few days after that!

Greystone - Almost FO

Complete with collar, but sans toggles. Oh the troubles we’ve had trying to find toggles. Trev was very specific in his requirements. He wanted wood, preferably oak. Not too dark, or too detailed. Simple, but interesting. In the end, as you’ll see, we found some – which came all the way from Lithuania, no less! And Trev loves them 🙂

Without further ado, TAH-DA!

Brownstone - FO

Let’s dig out some more pics of Trev wearing this on holiday (the above one is taken at Bolton Abbey):

In K1 yarns in Edinburgh:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

Outside Edinburgh Castle:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

Looking at the view down from Edinburgh Castle:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

Outside OINK! – tucking into a freshly pulled pork sandwich (from the fresh-roasted pig in the window – they do a whole pig a day!)

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

At the top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

At the bottom of Calton Hill:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

Checking our route:

Day Out In Edinburgh - Weds 3rd Oct 2012

And finally, here are my notes on the project:

  • I added an extra 2.5″ to the arms as Trev is almost 6’4″ tall. I could perhaps have gotten away with 1.5-2″ as they’ve grown a little in the finished article
  • I also added an extra 1.5″ to the body before switching to knitting back and forth. I like the relaxed look it gives on Trev’s frame, but again, perhaps not necessary.
  • The collar. The only real thing I dislike now it’s finished. I wish I’d done far more short-rows. I followed the pattern and short-rowed until the back of the collar was the stated height, but it’s not long enough. I should have kept going so that it folded over properly. I think continuing until you hit the markers is probably the right way to go.
  • The only other thing I’m questioning is the overall hand and gauge of the fabric. I worry it’s a little too open and not as sturdy as I’d like. I wish I’d gone down a needle size – particularly as I used far less yarn than the garment called for. But even so, Trev loves it and he’s had lots of compliments on it so far, so I guess I’m happy too 🙂

So, that’s my first proper garment for Trev! Hopefully he won’t have to wait ten years for the next one 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Man Jumper LIVES!

    1. Thanks Pauline! Trev likes it, which is what I’m really pleased with. He’s notoriously fussy (part of why it’s taken ten years to make him something!) but loves it. A big relief, given how tall he is! 🙂

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