Celes by Jared Flood. My Ravelry project page.

I want to start by saying that I’m so pleased this project is finished. When I originally queued it back in March of 2011, it was one of the loveliest things I’d ever seen and could not wait to knit for myself. I spent an age researching yarns, as I can’t wear the alpaca suggested and I wanted a natural colour, with a suitable fuzz, to be warm, lofty, and preferably, British.

In the end I found the perfect yarn – Shilasdair Luxury 4 Ply, a mix of merino, camel, cashmere and angora, from the Isle of Skye:

Shilasdair Luxury 4 Ply - Fleece Cloud

I love this natural colour – called Fleece Cloud and it has the most awesome, woolly, comforting smell. I could just sit there with my nose buried in it for hours.

Celes - WIP

So I got the body of the shawl knitted up fairly quickly and the two halves grafted together and it took about 98g of yarn. It ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be – but you always need something like this to be longer than you *think*, as it’s never quite enough otherwise.

The next step was to pick up the 530-or-so stitches needed all the way around the body to be ready for starting the knitted-on edging – which I did one night when I rather handily couldn’t sleep due to terrible tonsilitis. It was around 3am and I thought I might as well get up and do something useful, so I did!

Then, as detailed in a blog post back in June, I did three repeats of the border in November, and then put it down for seven months and didn’t touch it. I suck, right? I then had this realisation:

So I’ve cracked back on with it, merrily counting down the 40-50 repeats I thought I’d need to do, when it suddenly hit me. I’m only joining the border to the shawl every other row, so in essence I have to knit over 1,000 border rows. That’s not 40-50 repeats. It’s closer to 100.

Boy, that hurt. Particularly when I’d been working on the border for what felt like forever and had only knitted less than a SIXTH of the whole thing.

Celes Border In Progress

Eventually, I plugged away at it and got about half-way before putting it down again for some inexplicable reason and not touching it until two weeks ago. I came back to it after finishing an in-excess of six foot laceweight shawl knitted on 3.5mm needles which felt like it took an age. After that, the border felt pretty easy by comparison – it was nice to be back on thicker yarn and bigger needles and before I knew it, it was finished.

Items like this always make me so pleased that I possess a set of blocking wires. Trying to pin out something like this without them would have been an absolute nightmare. Wires make it so easy!

Celes - FO

In the end, this took about 3.15 50g balls of yarn. Luckily for me, all my skeins were overweight, so I have 4.5 balls worth of yarn, instead of just 4 – so I still have 65g of scrumminess left to use on something else.

So now all that’s out of the way, it’s time for gratuitous pictures! Yay!

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Celes - FO

Pretty pleased overall! Including with my dodgy grafting on the border, which you might be able to see in some of the shots (in the bottom right corner). My grafting of the two main panels together is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) so I don’t mind the other one being a bit wonky.

Got lots planned over the coming weeks in terms of projects to finish. Not really knitted as much this year compared to last year and the year before, so time to see how much I can catch up in the next six weeks!


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