Guitar Man Socks

I was meant to post this post on Monday, so it could be part of “Making Monday”, but I forgot. I was then going to sneak it in on Tuesday, but you can guess what happened then too.

So I christen today “Sock Saturday” so that I can show off a new pair of socks. Ta-dah!

Guitar Man Socks - FO

These are the Guitar Man socks and here’s my project page. These were a lovely quick knit and they flew off the needles in under two weeks. Would have been even faster if I’d knitted on them every day. They were also the test bed for my lovely new 2.25mm ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles which I’ve bought to see if I might like the new interchangeables set that has come out. Ooooh I love them. They have a brilliant cable and I love that they’re stainless steel. Very quick, but without any annoying metal clickiness that you often get.

Anyway, back to the socks!

Guitar Man Socks - FO

This was yarn that I’d bought ages ago to make a hat for Trev (as he was jealous of my Slable and wanted something similar). It cost around £4 from Baa Ram Ewe and is 75%/25% wool/nylon – perfect for socks. So when the hat died a death in the frog pond, the yarn was rewound ready for socks. It’s taken forever to pick a pattern that would suit the dark yarn and be “manly” enough for Trev but I think we’ve cracked it.

Notes on knitting:

  • Started with German Twisted Cast-On.
  • 12 rows of k1tbl, p1, for cuff.
  • 5 repeats of leg pattern.
  • Heel Flap:
  1. Row 1 (RS): Sl1, *k1, sl1; repeat from * to end.
  2. Row 2: Sl 1 purlwise, p to end.
  3. Repeat until 21 sl sts on either side. Then knit one more row plain.
  • 7 repeats of foot from picking up from gusset, before toe.
  • 1st sock used 45g. Could possibly have added another repeat or so, but didn’t want to cut it too fine.

Guitar Man Socks - FO

In the end both socks used 45g each, so I could probably have squeezed out another repeat on the leg. But I prefer to have leftovers in case of repair and they’re long enough. Trev keeps going on about how comfy they are – they’re the first socks I’ve knitted for him top-down with a heel flap and gusset and I may have to do this for all of them from now on as it seems to work.

Guitar Man Socks - FO

I have a couple of other yarns I’ve bought for him to make man-socks with, where I may just do something plain to show off the yarn. But as a first pair of man socks in over 18 months (eek!) I call that a pretty good effort all round 🙂

It’s a shame I couldn’t get any finished pictures of the socks with any of the guitars in the house, but here’s proof that they are genuinely for a guitar man 🙂



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