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I love red. I also love cowls. So it stands to reason that someday I would make a red cowl. And so I give you:

Vitamin RED - FO

The pattern is Vitamin C by Rockandpurl. Her advice in the pattern is to make it COLOURFUL and to use a colour that brings out your best features. I wanted a nice seasonal colour, but bright – and for me red was the only option – or in this case Scarlet. I went for the Cascade Eco+ as recommended and picking just one of the available reds was hard work!

Ruth gives two options for a shorter and longer cowl – I’ve gone for the long one and you can see that even two wraps around, it still has plenty of length. You could go for three wraps to keep it extra snug on a cold day.

Vitamin RED - FO

It was a nice quick knit and took me less than a week – using most of the ball of Cascade (once I’d wound it into a ball of course – which took FOREVER!). I ended up with only 19g left out of the 250g remaining. The great thing about having the different pattern sections is that it helps the knit go quickly and stops with boredom. The only bit I found really challenging was the middle section that needs the use of a cable needle to give the dropped st effect. You really pile on extra loops of yarn and it was a struggle to fit it all on the circular needle. But, all duly accomplished and I love the finished item!

Vitamin RED - FO

Word of advice – if you’re casting on, use a cable cast-on and place a marker every 20 sts to make it easier to track where you are πŸ™‚


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