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Coming Up To Speed

So before we end the year, it would be good to bring you all up to speed with what I'm working on at the moment or have plans for as a method of holding myself accountable. While it's unlikely that one of you will get in touch and say, “Oi, what happened to that thing you said you'd knit six months ago?”, you never know.

So, what am I up to?

Well, I've been busy! I will be changing jobs in the new year – not because I don't really like where I am, because I do – I was approached with a fantastic opportunity to do the sort of role I've wanted for years. If I didn't take it I would regret not giving it a go, so I have accepted and will start sometime in March.

To facilitate getting to new job, I have also placed an order for one of these:

A Brompton folding bicycle! They are fabulously brilliant and I love that they are still made in the UK – for which I don't mind paying a small premium. I put my order in before Christmas but am waiting to hear back with a date – I believe orders currently run around 12 weeks at the moment, so it should arrive around the time I need to start commuting to my new job.

One of the perks of placing an order is that you can get what they call a B-Spoke bike, where you choose every option and they build it to your specs – a bit like buying a new car or house, I guess. I have gone for the Claret colour, so it should look something like this:

More soon!

I have also (surprise surprise!) been buying yarn.

I purchased some lovely 100% merino yarn from Natalie at The Yarn Yard in a couple of lovely colours which compliment each other nicely and I think have a vintage feel:

The Yarn Yard Marchmont

Definitely some colourwork in my future. Maybe some new Endpaper Mitts in a bigger size, or (heaven forbid) another cowl? Who knows!

Yesterday I bought some Excelana – a yarn I've wanted to try for ages and never got around to. These will also be used for colourwork – most likely for a Snawheid and matching mitts when they come out – early in the New Year?

Excelana 4ply - Alabaster & Cornflower

It was a close call between the Cornflower Blue or the lovely vintage red. In the end I've gone for blue but do have pangs of “ooooh would red have been better?” I can always buy more! In the meantime I have two each of these so I should be able to put a massive pompom on the hat and have enough left for mitts.

I bought some New Lanark DK:

New Lanark DK - Bramble

Not just one ball but a whole pack of yarn!

New Lanark DK - Bramble

This is to be used for the Agnes Pullover – by Rock + Purl. I have been very diligent and started swatching:

Agnes Swatches

What the swatches have taught me is that I'm going to need to do a bit of maths to get the right fit for me. We know from my Audrey cardigan that I'm an odd shape and maths is going to be needed to get the fit right, but I'm determined this time that it will work. And come out ten times better than my Audrey cardigan! So I'll be sat down later with several sheets of paper and a tape measure and working through some numbers.

At least I'll have company while I do it…

Our very own hungry hungry hippo

I have a super-secret project that I've started that I can't show you – but it does involve silky lace yarn and beads!

Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace - Lilacs

There may be more info later on in 2013, but for now that's all you're getting 🙂

I've been working on a pair of Monkey socks, but those will get their grand unveiling in a Making Monday post next week. (Or you can get a sneak peek on my Rav page.)

There's the Butterfingers gloves in Wollmeise that I started as part of a Rock + Purl Mystery KAL. I just have the fingers to do, so need to see if I can squeak those in to 2012 – pics when finished!

Finally there my Carlottina socks.

Carlottina - WIP

I've got the first one finished, but the second still to knit. So much for being disciplined for the four months of the Solid Sock Club – I haven't got a single pair done!

So there we are. I'm going to try to resist temptation and not cast on for Agnes and Snawheid until at least the Butterfingers gloves are finished. Then I can plug away on Carlottina and the secret shawl while I work on these other bits and pieces.

And of course once the Brompton arrives, I'll be planning all sorts of Home Touristy trips out into interesting knitterly places, accompanied by current projects.

That my friends, brings us bang up to date!

P.S. I was thinking of doing a series of blog posts about our anniversary trip earlier in the year up to the Dales and Edinburgh – mostly lots of pretty pics rather than me rambling on. Anyone fancy that?



3 thoughts on “Coming Up To Speed

  1. Lovely yarn, lovely projects. And it looks like your knitting companion is doing a bang up job keeping you company!

    I used to have a folding bike when I was much younger. It was bright orange and didn’t fold nearly as neat as the one you are getting.

    I would love to see pictures of your trip. Hope your holidays have been good.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I hope yours have been good too 🙂

      Gerry is an excellent knitting companion and hot water bottle. But I think he’s only using me for the woolly blanket that he likes to lie on.

      Will start prepping some holiday blog posts then – got plenty of pics, so will try and pick out some highlights! 🙂

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