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Yup that’s me! Or rather, my new gloves. Lookee:

Butterfingers Gloves

These are the Butterfingers gloves by Rock + Purl which started life as the Winter Mystery KAL.

I decided to use my leftovers from the Audrey Cardigan – Wollmeise Pure in Bussi:

Wollmeise 100% Bussi

I was a big close on the yardage requirements, but decided to risk it anyway. Thankfully a lovely Raveller sent me an extra 10g to ensure I would be ok, which was thankfully a perfect dye match. It was a good job two, as this is what I had left when I finished them:


A meagre 2g, if that! But don’t they look fab?

Butterfingers Gloves

Butterfingers Gloves

My finished gloves in total weigh 73g, so it was a great way to use up leftovers. I have plans to use some of my leftover Wollmeise in other colours for some fingerless gloves to match things I’ve already made. Geeky? Moi?

The only tweaks I made were to the number of stitches used on the fingers. I have wide hands/fingers so I used slightly more stitches per round than the pattern called for. If I was to make them again, I’d be tempted to put the stitches for my little finger on waste yarn and work some extra rows before starting the ring, middle and index fingers. My little finger starts a lot lower down my hand than the other three, so this might improve the fit a little but I’m still very happy with them.

Butterfingers Gloves

Butterfingers Gloves

Butterfingers Gloves

They’re also surprisingly warm! I wore them out on New Year’s Day when we went for our traditional walk (if doing it three times in about five years can make it a tradition?) with a swift half-pint mid-way.

So yeah! First pair of gloves – not bad I don’t think πŸ™‚ I have more gloves in the queue to knit at some point, so we’ll see how we get on. I’ll have to have a pair of gloves to use on the Brompton – speaking of which we are well into planning trips on them this year! So far we’d love to do Whitby to Scarborough along the east coast of Yorkshire, the coast to coast trip from Morecambe to Bridlington on the Way of the Roses and of course, city breaks to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. I’m still waiting to hear on my ETA, but the factory should be open again now Christmas is over and I expect to hear soon.

One of things we’d like to do this year is travel more, along with knit more, read more, take more photos… and generally try and do more of the things that help give fun memories to look back on.

Here’s to 2013!


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