Missing Spinning

I miss spinning. Haven’t done any for ages! I get so caught up with other things and overwhelmed with the size of my fibre stash that I end up not doing anything.

So since I’ve listed all of the knitting WIPs I have going, let’s take a look at what’s on the spindles!

First up, a project started over a year ago – Phang spun Gotland:

Current Spinning WIPs

The singles have all been spun, as you can see. The fibre is a fibre club shipment from The Thylacine and all it needs now is plying into hopefully, a lace to sock-weight 2-ply yarn. This is probably the first project I should try and finish as it’ll probably be the quickest!

Next up! Another The Thylacine club shipment – Merino in a colour called Wilderness:

Current Spinning WIPs

This is also being spun as a 2-ply – hopefully fractally so it knits up into some nice stripes! I’ve spun up just under half of it, so still the other half and plying to go.

Another project that just needs plying!

Current Spinning WIPs

This is a really old WIP – spun on my wheel about 2.5 years ago. I’m planning to chain-ply it to sock weight yarn to give proper stripes of solid colours – but to do that, I want to rewind the plying balls with the chains already made – so all I have to do while plying is insert twist.

I’ll probably do this project second as it’s the next quickest.

Last up is my oldest project. It’s Limegreenjelly Merino/Silk that I started spinning, again, over 2.5 years ago. I’m only 25g in:

Current Spinning WIPs

Aiming to spin it up as fine 2-ply laceweight – you can see a small sample of plied yarn towards the bottom of the photo. I would really love to get this finished someday and knit it up into something beautiful!

So those are the four outstanding WIPs. Not including the three full baskets of fibre lurking in this bookcase:

Bookcase in new place


I also really want to ply with my supported spindles more. I hope to buy Fleegle’s book soon and pick up some good tips and above all, practice more. Support spindles are so good for spinning while sitting on the sofa watching tv – and mastering those will definitely help me be more productive in the meantime.

Are there any crafts/activities that you’ve missed doing?


One thought on “Missing Spinning

  1. Sewing!!! Wish I had more time…. The last thing I sewed was a set of playmat and cushions for a friend who had a baby. I made them in the summer 😦

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