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I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to finish this skein of handspun, but finally, here we are:

Scorched Gotland - FO

Ta-dah! It’s a skein I’ve talked about in a couple of old posts – here and here.

I started off in November 2011 with a fibre club shipment from The Thylacine of Gotland Roving. The colourway is called Scorched and was a lovely mix of purples, reds and greys:

The Thylacine - Scorched

For some crazy reason, I though I would spin this long, crimpy, carded prep on support spindles – notably my Gripping Yarn Phang. It’s quite a chunky spindle and the most suited of all the spindles I own – but still perhaps not the best tool to have used. Spinning a fibre like this long-draw to maximise loft and softness was also not the best idea I’ve ever had, but within a few weeks I’d spun up half the fibre and it was looking good:

Phang-spun Gotland

Then, in typical me-style, it took me about another six months to spin up the second half. But when I eventually finished, I ended up with singles of about 30-32 wpi, ready to be plied:

Scorched Handspun - WIP

Scorched Handspun - WIP

Then, in six months, I plied about this much:

Current Spinning WIPs

Pathetic, right? It’s no wonder that sometimes I feel like I am the world’s least productive spinner. Finally got my act together a couple of weeks ago and started working on some older spinning projects and on Wednesday night, this finally got plied, skeined and dunked in a bath.

It’s amazing how hairy this yarn is! The long-draw and light plying has definitely helped it stop turning into twine and it’s quite snuggly and soft:

Scorched Gotland - FO

There’s a little bit at the start of the skein where the colours align nicely – you can see the purple and red stripes towards the bottom of this picture, but otherwise it’s quite nicely blended together.

Scorched Gotland - FO

In total I’ve got about 325 yards of 20 wpi yarn – from what weighs only 89g. I guess I threw away a lot of neppy bits as I was spinning to try and give a smoother yarn. The yarn will probably knit up closer to sock weight than lace weight so I might try and combine it with another yarn in a solid colour and knit up some sort of shawl or other item that needs two yarns.

Mostly though, I’m just glad it’s done! Going to try and catch up on a couple of other outstanding spinning projects before I break into any new fibre – although I have bought some of that lately! I gave in and had a bit of a splurge the other week from HilltopCloud. I’d never tried any of her fibres but have seen people posting pictures of finished fibres and projects on Ravelry.

I bought some of the most beautiful baby camel/silk:

HilltopCloud Baby Camel/Silk - Odin's Ravens Memory

Some pure mulberry silk, which I’ve never spun before:

HilltopCloud Mulberry Silk Brick - Black Ships Before Troy

Finally some lovely Southdown – which I hope to spin up for socks:

HilltopCloud Southdown - 1383

Turns out Katie will also be at Unravel, so I may try and buy some more fibre in person in a few weeks.

Will be back with more spinning very soon!


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