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What’s this? Two finished handspun projects in as many days? What on earth can have happened to the world! Has hell frozen over? Are there pigs in the skies?

Why, no! I’m simply catching up on several half-finished projects. Now as embarrassed as I was by my last post, with a project having taken me over a year to complete, this one has taken a mere two and a half years. Simply shameful!

So, what project? Here was the original fibre:

Spunky Eclectic - Ribbons

It was a fibre club shipment from Spunky Eclectic back in October 2009 – 4oz of combed wool top. My plan was to spin a fine single and then chain-ply it into stripy sock yarn.

Spunky Eclectic - Ribbons - WIP

I spun the first half of the above 2oz bobbin pretty well – then I went to the Big Knit where I had a stall demoing spinning and giving lessons and some of the yarn got a bit chewed up by kids having a go and I got a bit out of my rhythm. The second half was spun up on my Rosewood Bosworth Mini:

Ribbons WIP

So I wound the balls ready for plying, planning to make two matching skeins and then just left it.

Current Spinning WIPs

Why, I’m not quite sure. Maybe I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing the whole chain-plying thing – as I’ve struggled when doing it before. I can get into a bit of a tangle doing chaining, while adding twist so the prospect of doing it again put me off a bit.

I then saw some people talking about how they wound their plying balls while adding the chains – so the actual plying and adding of twist becomes a separate step. I found a very useful video on Youtube, showing how someone does it:

Since this seems to be the year for finishing off things, I sat down and rewound the plying balls with chains in:

Ribbons - WIP

Finally yesterday, with the Six Nations on to entertain me, I was able to whizz through the plying – even with frequent stopping to admire how nice and even some of it was looking. Wind it off round a chair, and you have a skein of stripy goodness:

Ribbons - WIP

A second skein, a bath and some pictures later…

Spunky Eclectic Ribbons - FO

And I have two lovely skeins which do not match. Hum. I wonder what happened there? One has more blue and the other more pink…. Distinctly fraternal! Unfortunately they’re also not sock-weight. Here’s the vital stats on each skein:

Skein one yardage approx 122 yards from 53g. Approx 11 wpi.
Skein two yardage approx 116 yards from 58g. Approx 10 wpi.

So one is quite a bit heavier and thicker than the other – and both more around DK weight, than sock weight. I may still be able to use them for socks, but realistically, will have to be for something else. I don’t think 238 yards of DK, weighing 111g is enough for socks!

The one saving grace though, is that close up, it looks rather even and nicely spun:

Spunky Eclectic Ribbons - FO

I’m really happy with the outcome from a spinning perspective – the yarn is consistent, even and I actually enjoyed the plying process. It’s also endeared me to chain-plying – I’m more tempted to do it again than I was before finishing this project. I will be back to attempt sock-yarn again – I have some Romney that I want to try and turn into socks, so we’ll see how it goes with more practice at spinning thin. It’s never thin enough!

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