T-Minus 18 Days

Been a little while since I blogged and even longer since I mentioned my Brompton! In early January I got a call to say the “due date” for it would be around March 26th – a mere 18 days from now! It's been a long wait, I can tell you, but the bike is fully paid for and all I'll have to do on the 26th is wander into the shop and walk out, bike in hand!

I've also been very busy looking at accessories and other bits and pieces you can get to make the bike more “mine”. To begin with, I've bought my first piece of luggage:

Brompton C Bag

A Brompton C Bag – I think the C stands for Commuter or Courier, which is perfect as it's the bag I'll be using day-to-day when I start my new job! The great thing about having a bag that goes on the bike is that I then won't have to carry any weight on my back which should make the whole cycling-many-miles-a-day thing a lot easier than it otherwise would be.

I love this bag as it has SO MANY POCKETS and it should be very practical. Bright yellow inside, to make it easier to find things, it also comes with a handy waterproof cover – something that it goes without saying is a necessity when you live where we do.

We're almost spoilt for choice when I think of other accessories to buy. I could get a nice new fancy saddle, or some ergonomic grips to make the handles more comfortable or yet more luggage! How about firmer suspension? With wanting to use our bikes for touring and holidays too, there's some great cases we can get in order to take the bikes on aircraft, issue free. There's even super duper tool kits!

I've already been super geeky and bought my helmet (safety conscious!) so that I'll feel a teeny bit more secure on the road. It's confirmed what I already suspected about having a large noggin as the women's helmet was too small for me and I had to buy the mens. Ahem.

Trev's bike is due on the 8th April, so he doesn't have long to wait either. We're trying to plan what our first trip out should be. It'll be something in the Home Tourist category so there will definitely be some blog posts wherever we end up going 🙂

Exciting times!



2 thoughts on “T-Minus 18 Days

  1. It’s fair enough to say that I have decided to look into the Brompton cycle’s availability on this side of the pond because of your enthusiasm. (Not to mention I really should have a bike…) As luck would have it, there is a dealer three hours from me in the same city my sibling lives in. I suppose this means I need to plan a visit.

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