Autumn Man Socks

Back towards the end of last year, I finished a pair of socks for Trev which he loved and proceeded to wear to death. So much so, despite them becoming rather threadbare, I had to hide them so that he couldn't keep wearing them. At some point I'll darn them and let him have them back! “But they're so comfy!”, he whines at me πŸ™‚

So we went yarn shopping and we bought more of the same yarn used for the Guitar Man Socks – so cheap at less than a fiver per ball.

Trev picked out the ball he wanted me to use first and wanted a pair of socks *just* like the ones I'd confiscated. Hence the Autumn Man Socks were born!

I followed the Guitar Man pattern to the letter, except for the patterning, if that makes sense? I followed the stitch counts, row counts, and heel/shaping instructions, but knitted plain stockinette. There is something lovely about knitting a plain, simple pair of socks. Enjoyable and quick!

Pretty happy with my gusset/heel – think it looks good!

Modelled on the hubster's feet and he's wearing them as I type.

His verdict?

“They're so comfy I don't feel like I'm wearing socks. It's like a hug for your feet.”

Win πŸ™‚


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