I seem to have some projects that just languish in WIP-land for a long time for no real reason. These Carlottina socks are one of those. I cast on almost a year ago and got the first sock finished quite speedily. I cast on sock two, knitted two rows and did nothing more. Why? I don't know.

This pattern was part of Magpielly's Solid Sock Club, designed to feature lovely, more intricate socks that can really shine when made with a solid colour. As much as I love hand-painted, variegated yarns, sometimes a plain yarn is just the ticket when knitting socks.

Below is as much as I'd shown of the sock before, despite having finished a whole one:

Finally, ta-dah! I do love me some good twisted stitches!

Despite how the socks look on my feet, they are exactly the same length – although I know one looks longer than the other…

You can see a bit of the afterthought heel here. Rather than using my preferred heel flap and gusset this uses a different approach where you put knit half the stitches with waste yarn and then come back to them when you've finished the rest of the sock. What you're then able to do is pick up the stitches around this gap and knit the heel in an ever-decreasing spiral.

I love this shot of the socks on the blockers as I love how it shows off the twisted stitches that run down the leg and also my perfect purling! As much of a pain as it was to do Norwegian Purl the whole way, it does make the ribbing etc look perfect.

I'll need to give them a bit more wear before I decide what I think of the fit and the whole afterthought heel thing. You can see in some of the pictures how the sock stretches across my instep. While it's not tight, it may start to bug me.

But overall I think these are a success! Onto the next socks (which won't take that long to unveil)…


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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