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A little while ago I signed up to the Small Skein Society, where every month you receive a lovely 50g skein of yarn, suitable for mittens, or colour work or any other small project. I also signed up for the version where you get sent chocolate each month! Ooooh yes. Is there anything better than both yarn and chocolate arriving at once?

Anyway I digress. I wanted to make something with the third installment of the club and I saw that a couple of members had turned the below yarn into a pair of little trainer/ankle socks:

The pattern was called Tennarisukka and being a shameless sheep, I decided to copy them.

I was unsure whether I would be able to make a pair of socks with 50g of yarn, as I do have large feet! I had decided to add the following modifications:

  • Lengthen the heel flap so that the cuff of the sock would sit higher on my ankle – I read lots of reports from people who reported the sock slipping as the flap was too short
  • Used 2.25mm needles instead
  • Cast on 72 sts to fit the width of my feet

I'm pleased to report that I actually finished with a couple of yards to spare! I do wish I had added an extra couple of rows to the heel flaps but I would probably then have run out of yarn. But overall, I think they look pretty good!

They do look a little odd on a pair of sock blockers, don't they?

I would definitely consider knitting another pair of ankle socks if I found a suitable yarn/pattern combination. For trotting around the house, they are perfect as we (allegedly) head into warmer weather.

Anyone else finished anything on Making Monday?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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