Kamala Mitts

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Yay another week, another FO! This time we have the Kamala Mitts, another Rock+Purl pattern. I knitted them from a single skein of this beautiful Lhasa Wilderness yarn which is 75/25 yak/bamboo. So it's soft and warm, but also keeps your hands cool. It was like knitting with butter – and I will definitely be ordering another skein at some point in Azzy-appropriate colours 🙂

The pattern knits up super fast, no more than a couple of hours for each mitt. You can get the small size mitts from a single 56g skein, but I found with my gauge they came out a lovely relaxed size.

Finished picture time! You can get a feel of the relaxed fit in this first picture. Perfect for Becky to wear at work to help protect her hands from the Reynaud's. I LOVE the colour!

Time for a little gardening…

The mitts are a lovely long length… I often wear three-quarter length sleeves and get cold arms/wrists. These are perfect for stopping that!

All in all I love these! Definitely see another pair in my future, be it with another skein of the Lhasa or with some handspun etc.

I can thoroughly recommend the pattern for a nice, quick, satisfying bit of knitting 🙂



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