I Love Ergon-omics

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed my bike is no longer sporting the stock handlebar grips! I'm pleased to report that they got shredded a few weeks back!

Long before the bikes arrived we had planned to switch the grips out, like many people do. We had read great things about a particular brand of grips called Ergons, which as you might guess are designed to be more ergonomic and comfortable compared to standard grips.

Except first, we had to get the leftover glue and handlebar grip crap off the bars!

Some white vinegar, an old teatowel and lots of elbow grease later…

Beautiful! 🙂

Here are the ones we went for. Not standard plastic, but Biokork! Cork is supposed to have all sorts of wonderful interesting properties, including dampening vibrations – almost essential for the pot-holed roads of Leeds.
The grips come in a small or large size – we went for large and also for the Gripshift version. This means the overall length of the grip is shorter to accommodate people who use Gripshift gears. The perk of buying these is that unlike the standard length, you don't have to cut them to fit snugly on the handlebars. Not that I'm adverse to using a hacksaw, but I'd be annoyed if I didn't get a perfectly clean edge! Plus this way I have room to rest my thumbs between the end of the grips and the brake levers 🙂

Being Biokork, the grips come with slightly different looking bar plugs, made of some unique, recycled material. We did not fare well with these! Below is the only one of the 4 we managed to fit successfully 😦

The rest all cracked or shattered – not good! With a bit of Google-fu, I was able to find a site which sold replacements. Unfortunately, the only place which sells them is based in Germany and the cost of shipping was about four times that of the three sets of replacement plugs we ordered.

You can see the replacements on the left – made from different materials and definitely more plastic-looking.

But they went in like a dream! All they needed was a quick push with the thumbs. Don't know why the other ones were such hard work!

Definitely one of the most useful changes you can make to your Brompton I think, if you plan to cycle any sort of distance, or if you have hand/wrist trouble anyway. I suffer from tendinitis in both wrists so its really important to me to keep my hands properly aligned. After longer rides I'd notice a small tingling in my palms, which I don't get anymore. These single-handedly saved me on the ride to Scarborough. I clung on to them for dear life more times than I care to remember and they made the bumpy paths far less painful than they would otherwise have been.

Highly recommended! 🙂


7 thoughts on “I Love Ergon-omics

  1. That’s exactly what I’ve just done…except I removed the gunk with lighter fluid and went for the plain grey & black grips. Yours look a lot more snazzy!

    1. It’ll be interesting to see how we get on with them! I’ve heard a few reports of the Biokork not holding up well in the wet. They fared ok on our recent trip where we got a drenching, but if they don’t hold up, we’ll be on to the black and grey like you 🙂

      They make such a difference though, don’t they?

    1. It’s funny isn’t it how when you start to upgrade bits and pieces you find lots of additional things you’d like to change? Like you with Basil, I was reluctant to start tinkering with Clara, but all the changes so far have been for the best 🙂

  2. these are just what I have been looking at today. i think your post has convinced me – looks like i’ll be spending some money tomorrow.
    found this online re: fitting and cutting the bar plugs 🙂

    1. Hi Gary! Thanks for your comment 🙂 We did try something along the lines of that link on my husband’s bike and we were able to fit one plug passably well. Just very odd that the Biokork ones were so tough compared to how easily the plain ones went in! Just needed a gentle push with the thumbs.

      Good luck with yours – remember to get the grip shift version if you don’t want to have to cut them!

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