Despite all current appearances, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. Not quite.

Been a bit hectic round here of late, with the still-relatively-new job and another big change coming up – we're moving house this weekend. To a brand new area. So it's a bit mad here, with packing and trying to say goodbye to people and lots of stress to do with new place not having all the work finished it needed to, paying dual rent for a while and just general chaos.

Normal service will be resumed soon. Once we get our Internet connection etc sorted 🙂

I even have finished knit wear to talk about and potentially deep, scary, probably not very interesting thoughts if I can find a way to commit them to words. Anybody else have that problem? You can't work out what you think or feel sufficiently to know yourself what it is, never mind putting it down on paper.

Take care!


One thought on “Quiet

  1. I tend to work out my complicated thoughts while walking and it can take days or even weeks of mulling them over before I feel confident enough to commit them to paper/screen.

    Hope the move goes OK!

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