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New Home, New Space

Ooooh it's been a month since my last post. I guess it's been kind of busy. I know we moved house, but we did that on a Friday and were almost completely unpacked by the Monday, so it's not that which has taken time.

We've already had one family visit (the in-laws came up at short notice last weekend) and it's funny how much time gets taken in just getting used to a new house and trying to get into new routines etc. The new house is much larger than the old one (probably twice the size, bizarrely for only Β£95 more a month – that's what you get for moving further out into the country), and it's been nice finding homes for everything and making sure that everything has its own space.

Gerry has already made himself at home in the new garden (I think in the first picture he looks very pleased with himself. Do you think he perhaps reckons I can't see him because he's stood behind a tree?):

Amusingly, the first evening where he ran off exploring, he wandered down the street and seemed like he couldn't find our house on the way back. There's something odd about seeing a cat, who normally looks so independent and self-assured, looking quite so lost. A few calls from me, answered by some pathetic meowing and he was safely back inside.

He likes the house inside too. I've started using instagram again and snapped this photo of him yesterday on the windowsill in one of the bedrooms:

We've also made two trips to IKEA, one for browsing a few weeks ago and one on Friday for purchasing! We went armed with a list, gave the list to a nice man who entered all of the numbers into a computer and charged us a fee for someone to go around and pick everything we wanted and then deliver it to our home a few hours later. Easy! Of course we still spent more than we should have done as we wandered around and picked up all sorts of things that weren't on the list and you don't realise you need until you see them. But twice, we have not given in to the lure of the tea lights! I am ΓΌber proud πŸ™‚

Mmmmm tea lights… And meatballs! Which we also resisted!

For me, one of the best things about the new house, other than the proximity to work which means a 25 minute commute door to door is the small third bedroom, which is all mine! The deal was that Trev could have the bigger second bedroom, but he has to share it with the guest bed and any potential guests, should they arrive. So part of why Friday's trip was so exciting is that it meant new furniture for my room.

Here's a few terrible before-and-after photos which are really tough to take in a room that small!

First corner:

The next corner:

The other side of the room:

So we've made progress! I treated myself to a 4×4 Expedit bookcase in gloss grey, which means it's nice and shiny – reflecting lots of light into the room and coordinating nicely with my clouds print.

I had wanted clear boxes so you could see all of the yarn and fibre hidden within, but while I'm certain IKEA used to do them, they don't anymore. My choice at Leeds was either white or clear red and I think the white looks ok, in the end!

The top row of boxes contains yarn, from L-R, commercial yarn, handspun, hand-dyed lace with a bit of DK/aran too, hand-dyed sock weight.

The bottom row is all fibre – L-R, undyed fleece which needs combing, natural combed top, fibre from lots of random dyers (very colourful box!), The Thylacine fibre.

Amazing how much stuff there is! I've come on a long way from when my first craft bookcase used to look like this (about five years ago?):

Funny how things have changed! These days, this is just my hand-dyed yarn stash, beautifully rebagged in a load of freezer bags I also bought from IKEA:

I have ideas to convert a couple of the cubes to spindle storage, for both suspended and supported spindles. Not too sure how well they'll come off, but we'll try in a few weeks and see how we go.

It's a bit scary how it's not even quite enough room for everything. You can see all the stuff piled on the top and there's no storage for fabric, should I start sewing more. I can see myself needing to get another 2×2 cube on the top for more boxes and baskets for fabric and then some other sort of storage for all the other crap.

There was meant to be a second desk in the room – adjacent to the other desk, sitting underneath the picture, to give me a corner working space. Due to a slight measurement miscalculation (I blame the radiator), I've had to give the second desk to Trev and will buy another, slightly shorter desk when we next go back.

The one thing I really miss from the last room though is colour. I'm glad all the walls in the new place are white, rather than magnolia, but I miss the lovely yellow we used to have. I may ask the landlord for permission, or look at the option of hanging fabric up, something I know people have done when renting. I can add a nice rug though, plus new curtains, blinds, cushions etc which will all help.

So, everything is pretty much a work in progress at the moment! I do have a couple of knitted FOs that I can show off though, so it's not as if I feel like I'm making no progress πŸ™‚

Back off to browsing the IKEA catalogue…


2 thoughts on “New Home, New Space

  1. Ikea went through a couple of color changes with their boxes/bins – I managed to get two almost clear purple ones before they vanished. The rest of mine are cloth as I didn’t want the kitties to sharpen claws on wicker. By the way, I have the same expedit shelving. The 4×4, 4×2, and the 2×2. If i had less books on the 4×4 I’d have more room for my stash -as is I have a bag that is gaining in girth sitting behind my desk.

    Even though I am not moving you are now inspiring me to reorganize and remodel my studio…curses!!

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