First Steps in Sewing

Ooooh – I've suddenly sat down to prep a few blog posts and found myself with quite a lot to tell you all about!

I've decided, although I can't be quite sure why, to make more of a concerted effort to get into sewing garments for myself. I've made plenty of little project bags, so I've already attempted zips and sewing with odd materials like oilcloth and vinyl. But I want to be able to make stuff for myself.

I'm not quite sure what's brought it on… Whether it's being told by Trev that my anniversary present is sewing-related, or by seeing two colleagues in as many weeks wear fabulous dresses to work that they sewed themselves. I don't know. But I own three sewing machines, a few books and am determined to crack this as I hate shopping and want clothes which fit properly.

So, I spent some time browsing the interwebs for a nice suitable beginner pattern. I thought about dresses or a skirt, but then tried to think about what I actually need in terms of a gap in my wardrobe and what would get frequent wear. So I settled on a pair of trousers, which doesn't scare me as I've already tackled zips before.

Here is the pattern, fresh from eBay in all its pink tissue-paper-wrapped glory:

Ta-dah! It's the Juniper trouser pattern by Colette Patterns. I really liked the book that Sarai released and their patterns are well known for being well explained and easy to execute. I also wanted to make a pair that would flatter my shape and be suitable for work. Being a bit bottom heavy with a waist, I'm hoping these will fit the bill!

So yesterday we wandered into Huddersfield with the aim of getting to know the town a bit better and also shop for fabric! As expected, Huddersfield isn't quite as good as Leeds in terms of the of the places available, but we met a lovely man who runs the local sewing machine shop and also found the local Samuel Taylor's.

Unfortunately almost all of the fabric they had was some variety of polyester, but this first pair is intended to be a wearable muslin, so I don't mind too much. I bought my fabric, pocket lining, interfacing, sewing and topstitching thread, hooks and eyes and snaps for the waistband.

Before I even cut in to any of this fabric, I think I may make some from some muslin I bought ages ago, just to check the fit.

Next up is shopping for some nice shears and some of the other essentials. Hopefully from next Friday onwards, when I have some time off, I might be able to make some progress!


3 thoughts on “First Steps in Sewing

  1. I bought a pair of Mundial shears specifically for flabric use. Best purchase ever. I only use them on fabric and you can get them sharpened.

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