Space Station Mitts

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I’ve been on a bit of a mitt-kick recently! Here’s the second pair I’ve finished recently with a third soon to show you.

I started off with a lovely 50g skein of sparkly yarn that arrived as part of the Small Skein Society. This particular skein was called Hadfield and was inspired by Commander Hadfield who has just come back from a long stint on the International Space Station. The colours are definitely very starry-night-ish.

I settled on knitting the Palm House Mitts which have as their main feature an interesting gusset. There’s a couple of cables on the hand for interest, but otherwise it’s just simple twisted rib.

I love how well they hug the thumb!

We took advantage of the old back yard before we moved to take some pictures amongst the lavender.

So hard to properly capture both the colour and sparkle of the yarn.

I was soon visited by some local bees who wanted to get in on the photo shoot!

We soon gave up taking photos of the mitts and just took photos of the bees:

Just missed this one!

So cute and fuzzy!

I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of these already, thanks to the over zealous air conditioning in my office!

I do love knitting a good pair of mitts! Quicker than socks and almost as satisfying πŸ™‚


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