Hansen miniSpinner

I am so excited to do this post – I've been after a Hansen miniSpinner for at least three years and have never quite gotten around to saving up the money. You know what it's like – there's always something else that crops up and with having had lots on this year, like moving house, buying all new appliances, getting the bikes etc, I've just not gotten around to it.

But finally, I've sold some holiday back that I've not used (and then promptly ended up ill, so I've lost time at work!), used some savings and on Tuesday (while on my sickbed), look what arrived:

I ordered on Thanksgiving, with the mS being dispatched on the Monday. By Friday, it had crossed the Atlantic and cleared Customs, who I rang to find out how much I'd have to pay. An eye-watering £186 comprising duty, 20% VAT and a clearance fee payable to ParcelForce. Ouch. If you're thinking of ordering one and you want to work out your potential customs cost, I found this Duty Calculator to be really useful and fairly accurate – just enter “spinning wheel” as the item and the total cost of everything you're purchasing. You need to also include the cost of shipping, which is included in the customs calculation – in my case, despite being given free shipping, because someone paid it, it was still added on to the total value and taken into account.

Anyhow, onto the box opening! Packaged at the very top is a Hansen bag, that we all get sent for toting around our new babies:

The box was awash with instructions, for the mS and for the Woolee Winder – which I must promise to maintain regularly!

Orifice reducers! These are really handy for spinning finer yarns as they prevent the yarn from bouncing around the orifice. I love them already – unless I'm spinning something very bulky, or art yarn, I imagine I'll almost always have one in.

Maintenance kit! Very important 🙂 I love tinkering and playing with my bike, so I'm sure I'll enjoy doing this.

Bobbins! The mS comes equipped with one bobbin already on the Woolee Winder. As I quite like making 3 ply yarns, or working on multiple projects, I don't want to have to wind off the single bobbin every time I fill it. So three new bobbins it is, each of which can hold up to 10 ounces, or over 250g.

Sample fibre! (This was promptly spun and I can confirm it was lovely!)

Finally, nestled at the bottom of the box in a custom-made polystyrene insert, was my new toy! A cherry miniSpinner with Woolee Winder:

Beth spins a little bit of yarn on every machine that goes out of the door, so it arrives truly ready to go.

I love how sleek and curvy it looks from the front!

Serial numbers are marked on the base of each – funny to see how many Kevin and Beth have now sold, when he figured he'd maybe sell ten a year, tops!

Here's the money shot I posted on Instagram:

Can you tell I'm pleased? 🙂 I've already spun up quite a bit and am looking forward to making a big dent in the fibre stash!

I plan to get a few other bits and pieces – I need to get a Lazy Kate and a bag for toting everything around a bit more securely. I also hope to get the lace flyer and the quills, to allow for spinning super fine yarns and rewinding bobbins etc. I've already bought myself a battery, so I can spin on the go without needing to be near a plug, which feels very liberating!

I hope to have lots of handspun to show off very soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hansen miniSpinner

  1. Looks terrific! I have a cherry one ordered, and I’m waiting its arrival. Quick question: Do the orifice reducers and tools fit in the maintenance tube? I’m trying to see how to store the gadgets and gizmos. 🙂

    1. Hi April, I think you probably could fit them in there if you wanted, but I find the Maintenance Kit tube a bit hard to get in and out of. I’ve got the additional oil I ordered stored in the tube, but the orifice reducers and hook thing live in a little pocket in the bag I use.

      Hope yours comes soon and you love it!

  2. It’s very pretty! I like how little space it takes up too. How does it work for ratios, I’m used to different size whorls and bobbins on my wheel, do you just adjust the speed instead?

    1. Hi Pia, you’re right that all you do is change the speed dial – there’s no ratios and whorls to speak of – the speed dial controls the RPM.

      You could use a laser tachometer to work out the RPM of a given ratio and then try to set the mS to the same.

      It’s a bit of a learning curve in its own way, but fairly easy to get to grips with 🙂

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