Something to Remember

Last weekend we visited our local 20:20 exhibition, which is something that goes on every year at independent galleries across the country. What is it? Why, I handily photographed some blurb so I wouldn't have to badly regurgitate the gist for you!

All clear?

Excellent! We had a lovely time slowly walking around admiring the work of artists both local and not. The works were all very different – some fun, some making a social point, some textured, some screen-printed etc.

This one raised a smile (I do love a good Venn diagram!):

(Gosh some of my photos are very dodgy!)

The one piece that really struck me though, was this one:

I'm someone who doesn't like to attempt something unless I know I'm going to be good at it. I also have this real in-built desire to be significant and the best at something. This can lead to life being a bit unsettled as you always want to move on and make your mark.

I wanted to be able to remember this so much, I bought the print. For the bargain price of (can you guess?)… £20! I plan to get it framed locally and hung somewhere I'll see it every day. Trev and I don't own a lot of pictures or general knicknacks, but we are bit by bit buying things like this that have meaning for us. It's meant that our house and walls have been a bit bare, particularly of late with living in the new, larger place we are renting but it's so nice that everything we do own holds some memory or significance – to us.

Here's to remembering that we don't have to be the best at something to have meaning and value to other people, even if we cannot always see it ourselves. Thank you to everyone in my life recently who has reminded me of this fact when all I've been able to see is how flawed I am. You're all amazing x


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