Spring Sewing Plans

It's spring, right? Officially? We've had the equinox and the clocks finally went forward this morning. Plus it's April in two days! March has definitely dragged on. But, here we are with lots of grand sewing plans ahead for the next few months, particularly given that I've not made a total hash of my three completed items so far.

So first up was the arrival of some new patterns! Very unselfishly we ordered some for Trev too, as he'd like me to try a slightly more formal shirt for him, as well as some simple t-shirts and maybe some shorts for warmer weather. For myself, I went for two more Sewaholic patterns – the Minoru jacket and Gabriola skirt. As I type this, the Gabriola is almost finished and I'll be sure to share it in my next post.

I've also downloaded a couple of digital only patterns, that require you to print them out, then cut and stick together – so you can then trace off your finished pieces. I don't own a printer. No problem, I thought, I'll just go to the library in town and print out there. 40 pence a page! Given that I needed to print out 24 pages for one of my patterns, that'll get quite spendy quite fast. Digital patterns are cheaper, but I can see why some people aren't too keen on all the cutting and sticking.

Below you can see the Lady Skater dress that I've started to piece together. It's a knit fabric dress that is meant to be quite straightforward for relative beginners and after the relative success of my Renfrew, I thought it'd be good to try another project.

I've also bought and downloaded the Grainline Studios Archer Shirt pattern – I'll get that printed out at a later date and find some suitable fabric – I love the plaid that has been used on the pattern page.

Speaking of finding suitable fabric, we found a brilliant local place in Dewsbury called Fabworks the other week. I was gutted to find that it was only open during the week and on the first Saturday of every month. Typically, we discovered it on the second Saturday. I rang in the morning on the off chance someone might pick up and I was overjoyed to be told that they are in fact now open every Saturday!

It's brilliant inside – it has entire sections for every kind of fabric imaginable, for both dressmaking, costumes, upholstery, curtains, leather… All sorts. I took a picture of what it looks like when you go inside the door – this isn't even a quarter of everything they have available.

Trev enjoyed being in there as much as I did, merrily picking out some shirt fabrics. He settled on three in the end – all different types of check.

I went a bit mad in the knits section. What can I say, I love stripes! And a couple of the plain bits at the top here are meant for Trev's t-shirts, while the others will become comfy tops for me.

I bought lots of this lovely linen – at least I think it's linen, to make my Gabriola skirt with. It's come together fairly well so far – I have only to hem it now and attach some fastenings and it's all ready to share. It should be lovely to wear in warmer weather, should any roll around,

For my Minoru, it took me a while to select fabric. This being Yorkshire, I want the jacket to be able to cope with a bit of rain, so I had a look at some of the nylons. None really appealed to me, but in the “coat” section I came across a lovely navy gabardine cotton that I reckon I could spray with a waterproofing agent to make it vaguely showerproof. I've teamed it with a bright pink nylon and bright pink zips – I've since learned that apparently navy/pink is “in”. I'm never on trend intentionally, so am amused to see that I've managed it. Of course by the time I've made it, it may no longer be fashionable, so normal service will be resumed πŸ™‚

The black and white print knit fabric in the middle here is what I'm thinking of using for my Lady Skater. I think I only bought 2.5m of it, but apparently that's the exact amount needed for the dress, so this could work out well.

The only other plan I have for spring is to maybe teach Trev to learn to sew! He was sat at the machine the other night, practising sewing straight lines on a piece of paper. He then got to graduate on to real fabric πŸ™‚

He likes the idea of being able to sew some of his own basics, like shirts and t-shirts. Maybe even underwear too! I ran up a really quick pair of boxer shorts for him the other week, using the leftover fabric from his Negroni shirt and the pattern from the Sew Everything Workshop book. They're dead comfy apparently, so I see a few more pairs in his future πŸ™‚

I do also have plenty of knitting and spinning plans in mind. We went to Hebden Bridge last week to get the bikes serviced and while doing so found the local yarn shop where I helped myself to some yarn:

It would have been rude not to! Now despite my use of the word “plans” just now when I mentioned knitting, I don't have any specific plans for this specific yarn. Yet. But I'm sure something will spring to mind πŸ™‚


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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