Can you squeeze a Sewaholic Gabriola out of 3 metres of fabric?

Before I'd even finished my linen Gabriola I knew I'd want to make another one and thought that denim would be a great option. I had some denim that I'd bought to make a second pair of Thurlow trousers, which I had worried was a bit thin for trousers but would be perfect for another skirt.

Upon measuring it I was gutted to find that I only had 3 metres of it, not the 4 I thought I had, with the pattern calling for around 4.5.

I decided to have a play around with the pattern layout, to see if there was any way I could eke the full skirt out of the fabric I had.

The good news is that I was able to do it! The great news, is that I've put together some of the world's worst diagrams to show you how you can do it too, if you have 3 metres of 54 inch wide fabric. For reference, I made a size 14 and the pattern only goes up to 16, so you should have enough to fit any of the included pattern sizes.

Unfortunately I don't have specific measurements for you, so you'll need to adjust the layout of the fabric according to your pattern pieces.

So here goes. What we have to do, is cut our piece of a fabric into two, as shown by the dotted red line.

The left hand section, which will be folded along the pinky/purple line, needs to be folded so that the folded height is slightly taller than the length of your skirt piece 2. You can fold this, press it into place so you know where to cut and then check that you can fit everything on both your pieces, before you cut.

I've numbered the pieces 1 and 2 below.

Below I've shown how to lay out your fabric on your cut, folded pieces. Feel free to tweak – I ended up laying most of my pattern pieces on part 2 of the fabric as with my size it worked better that way. I am the world's worst artist, so none of the pattern pieces look like they should or are remotely to scale. Hopefully you got that from the disclaimer I wrote in the image 🙂

There you have it! That's how you can get a Gabriola out of 3 metres of 54″ fabric.

Mine is coming on swimmingly – I even tweaked it to insert an invisible zip with my shiny new invisible zipper foot – it needs a decent press but doesn't look too shabby for my first ever try!

More updates soon!


2 thoughts on “Can you squeeze a Sewaholic Gabriola out of 3 metres of fabric?

    1. Thank you! On balance it went in much easier than my “normal” zip on my first Gabriola – which I think I may rip out and attempt to do again 🙂

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