In Pursuit Of Perfection

It turns out it was two months ago yesterday that I purchased my shiny new sewing machine:

I've been busy since then! In that time period I've made:

  • A pair of trousers
  • A knit top
  • Two maxi skirts
  • My coat!
  • A shirt for Trev
  • A basic t-shirt for Trev
  • Some boxers for Trev

That's eight things in around the same number of weeks – not bad! It's funny to notice improvements in different things over that time period. I'm able to cut fabric much quicker and more neatly (although not if it's stretchy knit – woah that was a nightmare); I've gotten the hang of certain feet on my machine so my edgestitching and topstitching is looking much better; my hand basting is better; I've learned how to do invisible zips etc.

None of my garments so far have been without flaws, but I'm spending some time this week fixing a few of things that have irritated me and which are an easy fix. Not that I expect to be able to make something perfect and many of my mistakes I'm able to live with – in several of my garments I wouldn't be able to fix some of the issues – even if I wanted to! But if it's something where a bit of effort to rectify something fixable can make me significantly happier with the garment then I'm going to do it.

For example:

When I showed off my finished jacket at the weekend I shared this picture from where some of the lining had gotten caught when I did the stitch-in-the-ditch phase:

Trev was amazed that I was willing to live with this imperfection and the more I thought about it, the simpler it would be to just unpick that bit and redo it. So I ripped out this bit and two other smaller bits and redid the stitching in those areas.

How so much lining fabric ended up bunched up there I will never know! I'm SO glad I fixed it, for the ten minutes it took.

So what's next? Remember the horrific zip and dodgy waistband on my first Gabriola?

I plan to take off the waistband and take out the zip. I'll then reinsert the zip using a hand-picked method and reattach the waistband – this time I won't slipstitch it – I'll use visible stitching to make it a bit stronger.

I'm also debating unpicking the front of the skirt where it falls weirdly and redoing it – to see if I can eliminate the weird crease. I may decide to not do it, but I think I probably will as it really bugs me. It's probably my most annoying sewing issue so far!

While I love my Thurlow trousers, there's a couple of things I'd like to perfect in terms of fit and it'd be great to practice techniques like the welt pockets again. While I don't have the legs for wearing shorts out in public, I think I have just enough of my Minoru jacket fabric yet to make the shorts view – so I can practice the construction and fitting again on a pair that can be worn kicking around the house and garden as it gets warmer. I've got a zip and hopefully have something suitable for lining fabric lurking around, so I might tackle that in a couple of weeks.

The other area where I need practice is knits! Stable knits are fine, but stretchy knits? Oooh scary. I have everything I need for the Lady Skater dress ready to go, but I've been worried about trying it, particularly butchering the fabric – which is also what puts me off doing some more tops for Trev and myself from the stretchy knit fabric we have is the pain of cutting it.

So… What do you think arrived today? A huge, new cutting mat (that isn't in oppressive green, yay!) and something lovely and special in the tin… Any ideas? 🙂

Have you ever gone back and redone bits of a project to make yourself happier with it? How do you manage to live with any mistakes?

3 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Perfection

  1. You are inspiring to go back and fix the caught in bit on my daughters dress that’s been ignored for months.
    Mostly I just try to ignore the messed up bits as long as they’re not big ones but they do bother me when I see them.

    In the tin? Scissors or some other fancy cutting accoutrement.

    1. Ooh you’ll have to let me know if you go back and do anything with the dress!

      And you’re right about the fancy cutting accoutrement – not scissors though!

      1. I fixed it 🙂 It took longer to get my sewing machine out than to fix it. I would have fixed it when I first made it except somehow I failed to notice I’d caught up a couple of inches of fabric until she was actually wearing it. I’m trying to be better about the process of making things rather than just getting to the final product.

        A rotary cutter then? I thought you’d said you had one but maybe you just talked about getting one instead. I tried out mine on knit fabric the other day – was easy to use on the curves than I thought it’d be.

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