As threatened in my last post, I did go back a couple of weeks ago and redo some sections of my Sewaholic Gabriola that really aggravated me. I'm pleased I did because as with the small do-over with some of the stitching on my Minoru, I'm much, MUCH happier with the results.

Here's what I did.


This is the biggie – it looked awful. I took out the machine-inserted zip I'd put in, and put it back in using a hand-picked method. I did also redo the placement of the hook on the end of the waistband, but that doesn't really look any better.


Not perfect, but better, right? The top part of the zip is awesome – hopefully with practice I'll get better. I used Tasia's tutorial for inserting a hand picked zip and I'll certainly want to do it again on similar garments. I'll probably do it in place of machine stitching in most cases I think.

Plus if you do zips this way they have the cutest little “prick stitches” (if you can't see them, then I did a good job!):


In order to redo the zip, I had to take the waistband off, so I could also fix all of the weird puckering it had going on where I hadn't done my hand sewing very well.

Because I'd trimmed my seam allowances after sewing the first time, I had to take a bit more fabric when sewing it on again. As you'll see from the before/after, I don't think it looks too bad now! Instead of hand stitching, I've topstitched the bottom edge to secure everything.


Centre Yoke

Finally, I unpicked the section where the yoke meets the centre front skirt panel to try and get rid of this crazy weird crease. I haven't managed to eliminate it entirely, but it now looks far better.


In other tweaking news, I've finished making the adjustments to my Thurlow pattern pieces so I can cut out my shorts over the weekend. I've only really made two alterations to them so far, which I'm hoping will be sufficient. More news once I've tried to sew them up!

And well done to anyone who guessed that the shiny new toy that arrived in the Gingher tin was a rotary cutter. Here it is:

I look forward to rolling it out (snicker) on some knit fabric in the very near future!

On the subject of knits, I've treated myself to the latest offerings from Colette Patterns – their new Moneta and Mabel patterns and the Colette Guide to Sewing Knits.

This should all go nicely with some newly acquired knit fabric (last time was all stripes – this one mostly birds – what's the deal with that?)

I'm still a little scared of knits. My Renfrew was great as it was a nice stable fabric. These are all super stretchy, like Trev's t-shirt and will be more challenging. But I have need of a summer wardrobe. So I need to get on with it!

I've thought about an overlocker – it would be nice to have one and would potentially save time, but I don't need one right now. Instead, I've decided to spend some of the money I'd put by on new sewing machine feet which will make sewing knits easier, along with other projects too. I've ordered a walking foot, nonstick foot (for sewing on clear elastic etc) and a dedicated edgestitching foot, so I don't have to keep using my blind hem food for the job. I'm determined to give it more of a go with my regular machine and see how I get on first.

Of course this has left me drooling over fancier machines that aren't overlockers.

Some day 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tweaking

    1. That’s interesting – I’ve really struggled to find solid knits to work with. They’ve all been prints or stripes! Funny how things differ 🙂

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