Sewaholic Gabriola Take 2

Ooh this post is long overdue. For some reason I've been putting this one off for weeks despite having worn the finished object numerous times!

The last you saw of this project was a sneak peek of the newly installed invisible zip, done with my shiny new invisible zipper foot. LOVE.

Without further ado, here it is! (Oooh look I have a waist!)

My favourite thing about this second version is that I've managed to avoid most of the mistakes I made with the first one. Behold – no crazy crease at the middle of the centre yoke! It falls so beautifully.

This skirt was made partially to replace a denim skirt I had for years that's gotten a little too worn (and too snug) that had a nice flared shape – it was made of multiple curved panels that gave it a sort of fish-tail effect. It came with a strip of beads that hung from a belt loop on the side. I decided to steal the beads and add a mini belt loop to my finished skirt:

Oooh side panels!

This zip doesn't look too bad from the back! Although what is going on with the shape of my body for it to curve like this?!?

There's a bit of puckering going on with the closures, again. Grrrr. There wasn't quite enough overlap on the waistband for this to work well. Next time, I may length the waistband slightly to make sure there's enough room to add the hook and bar.

I was quite chuffed to see that my seams matched up even at the back by the zip:

Oooh get a close up of my dodgy topstitching on the waistband:

Inside the zip doesn't look too bad:

I french seamed almost all of the inside seams except for the centre front, centre back and the seam where you join the yoke to the skirt panels. I couldn't figure out a better way to do these, so I just zigzagged the edges:

TA-DAH all the insides! With bonus creases as I'd been wearing it 🙂

But note to self – when french seaming, don't take great big chunks out of your fabric when you're marking your notches. As this happens:

And preferably, trim your first seam before you sew the second – because then you get rogue bits of fabric poking through:

So much skirt! With added beads 🙂

The skirt is still a bit big in the waist. I'm not sure if it's how the waistband is designed, as it's not curved, or if I should have cut a size 12, but there's a good inch or so extra there that I'm not sure how to deal with.

I'm pretty pleased with how the hem turned out this time. The skirt pieces ended up finishing a much more of a uniform length, so chopping off the excess was much easier. I cut off about 3″ in total I think, before turning the hem by 3/8″ and then 3/8″ again and then stitching.

I decided to use my blind-stitching foot which has an adjustable guide for my edgestitching. I used it for all my topstitching on my Minoru jacket and decided to put it to use here. My machine did struggle a bit with the depth of the fabric I was trying to push through it when it had to go over the seams:

The hem over my centre back seam looks sooooo beautiful! If only all my seams looked like this!

And here it looks mashed again 😦

Yay it's beautiful! This is where using the edgestitching foot works out really well:

I topstitched the waistband rather than try to invisibly stitch it. This fabric is a lot heavier than the linen I used for Gabriola #1 so I wanted to make sure it had enough support.

Here's my crappy belt loop! I have to learn how to do better belt loops. I've just done some more on another project and they look awful. Any belt loop tips?

Here's a close-up of the beads!

And finally, showing off some swish! The skirt is very swishy and swooshy – I also nearly tripped on the paving slabs and fell over while trying to twirl enough to get the camera to capture it 🙂

So there we have it! I've decided that there may be more skirts in my future. But I do need to give dresses a go. I feel very “put together” in a dress. You don't have to worry about matching top and bottom or tying an outfit together. But I don't wear dresses that much at the moment and I have several gaps in my wardrobe I need to fill. I had a bit of a clear out of old/poorly fitting items today and it's highlighted some of the separates I need to replace. The good news is, a couple of these I already have plans for 🙂

Final question – where do we stand on the beads? Yay or nay? I'm undecided myself but I forgot how easy it is to trap these beads in things. Car doors. Arms of seats on the bus or train… You'll be merrily walking along and then YANK! There's no better way to annoy your fellow commuters when you have to stop and untangle yourself.

I've finished another two projects this weekend I need to share. I had Friday off which was great for making headway on a few things. Tomorrow is a bank holiday but I'm at work as I've got a new starter on Tuesday and it'll be good to have a quiet day to catch up on things.

If you've got the day off tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Sewaholic Gabriola Take 2

  1. Looks good. With the beads could you make them easy to attach/remove so you could wear them in appropriate situations but not have to worry about catching them otherwise.

    I like the idea of dresses but fail at remembering to wear them. I’m hoping to make and wear at least one later this year though the nurseling makes this a bit trickier.

  2. I’ve just bought this pattern, first time I’ve used a pattern from one of the smaller independents, it takes a lot of fabric doesn’t it, I’ve got to go back to the market to get another metre of a pretty floral cotton I want to use. It’s helpful to see which bits you had problems with 🙂 It looks really good though.

    1. It’d be lovely to see your finished one when you’re done! What size are you planning to make? I ask because I don’t think smaller sizes would have as much of an issue with the notches not lining up – I think it was a grading error. Would definitely encourage you to curve the waistband or something tho to make it sit closer to the body 🙂

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