Sewaholic Thurlow Shorts

Warning – in this post you’re going to see some reeeeeally unflattering pictures of me in a badly sewn pair of shorts. The most annoying part of this for me, other than having to look at pictures of myself is that they weren’t actually that badly sewn until right at the end. What is it that I’m doing to these Thurlows that causes me to cock them up right at the end?


This is about the least unflattering picture I could share. There are many far worse ones.

I did make a few small mods:

  • Increased the rise by 1″ as I felt they sat too low before. I did this at the lengthen/shorten line around the mid-hip. I now feel they’re pretty much perfect and I’m not at risk of displaying a builder’s bum should I bend or move in any way – this adjusted crotch depth
  • Added a bit more room to the inseam – 0.25″ to each of the 4 seams to increase the crotch depth and to try and stop some of the wrinkles I was getting due to my, er, ample thighs
  • Lengthened the pockets as per Lladybird’s mod on the Thurlow sewalong
  • Took in the centre back seam a bit more towards the top so it followed my hip-waist curve a bit better

I used leftovers from my stash to make these. The navy cotton, which creases like an evil thing is left over from my Minoru Jacket and the black and white gingham from Trev’s Negroni. This is the gingham that keeps on giving as it’s now made a men’s shirt, a pair of boxer shorts for Trev and now my shorts! Love it.

Generally I’m actually super pleased with these despite how they look on me. My welt pockets are better (the welts actually meet in the middle), I have usable pockets, that I can fit a phone in and everything, and the fit is much better – meaning that these shorts have accomplished their purpose as a fitting test.


So what am I not happy with? Something seems to go reeeeeally wrong when I sew up the centre back seam. Not sure yet if I can be bothered to unpick it all and redo it. I never actually plan to wear these out of the house so I’m not sure if it’s a problem. But look at those welts! Almost perfect.

Also, I had the same problem with running out of waistband that I had on the trousers I made. I’m not sure if the waistband is too small, but I was able to make it work a bit better this time and didn’t have to butcher my fly facing – which incidentally seems too big/wide. I don’t know. I hate not knowing enough about garment construction yet to know where the problem is or the best way to fix it.

Look odd to anyone else?

But yay! I remembered to do the buttonhole the right way round this time.

My welts are by no means perfect, but they are better:

I think my crotch seams match up pretty well?!?

My belt loops however, still suck.

For kicks I’ll share a terrible picture of the back with you, so you can get a feel for how much of a bodge I’ve made. Again.

So there’s weirdness above and below the pockets. Gotta work on that. Or wear a really long top.

But, at least now I’m confident to cut into the nice wool/poly suiting I bought to make some proper smart winter ones that fit me how I want.

I’ve got three other finished makes I’ve got to share and hopefully more, if I can get my mojo back and start something new this weekend.

Anyone else made any shorts? I’m seeing lots of lovely patterns on people’s blogs at the moment so I may have to get over my fear of getting my legs out and make some more!


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