About Me

My name is Azzy and I’m a twenty-plus-something with a husband and a cat living in Yorkshire, UK. We moved up here in 2010 to get away from the rat race and life working in London which involved a long commute from home.

My day job is in online marketing, which I enjoy, but at heart I have very simple tastes. I’m not into big cities (I hated working in London, although there were parts of the city I enjoyed, such as friends I made and places to eat!) and am much happier in the country and at home with the hubster. My ideal would be somewhere with a bit of ground where I could grow stuff, keep chickens, bees, and maybe a goat, or some rabbits. So we’re working towards it!

Crafting is something I’ve really taken to in recent years – it relaxes me no end and I love the satisfaction that it provides. I started off with crochet a couple of years ago – due to clumsiness and co-ordination issues it seemed like the simplest, and safest bet. I did that for almost a year, before the desire to be able to knit socks became overwhelming and I gave in.

About the same time, I also got suckered into spinning, which has been the slipperiest slope I’ve gone down. It’s horribly addictive – with endless combinations and so much to learn. I have spun with spindles for almost three years now and have built up a collection that I love. Lots of my time now is spent experimenting with different styles of spindles and using my miniSpinner.

As I like to try a wide range of colours and fibres with spinning, not everything I spin is going to be to my taste. This leaves handspun to share with the world! If I finish anything that I think might of interest to other people, I will put it up in the Shop section seen at the top of the page.

In 2014 I’ve also started learning to sew my own clothes! I’ve mad a number of items so far, for both myself and the hubster – I’ve put up a page of all of my makes that you can find here.

I also want to try and do a little more designing – I’m not a particularly creative person and with my favourite knittable items being socks and lace, which aren’t the simplest things, design inspiration will be slow to come. But I do have a couple of patterns already that I’ve put up, which are free to download.

If you have any questions, or comments, or just want to get in touch, please email me at azzywazzy@gmail.com. Would love to hear from you!