Skater Beanie


Here is my tested and revised Skater Beanie pattern. It’s available FREE on Ravelry here and via the below link as a FREE pdf download.

free pattern on Ravelry

It has complete sizing instructions so that you can make a custom-fit beanie to fit any head. There are also instructions for whether you want to make the hat with stripes, or without – so it’s completely up to you how you want to do it.

The pattern calls for dk or sport weight yarn, but you can actually use any yarn and any hook with this because you work out your measurements as you go along.

Please ensure that you have a tape measure to hand because you do have to take some key measurements and work a few things out before you begin.

The pattern may seem a bit long, but it contains loads of pictures and there’s a few things I explain in a lot of depth – in particular the sizing, as it’s key to the pattern working.

Please have a read through the pattern before you attempt it for the first time.

So download, and have some fun!

If you’re a Ravelry member, you can see some examples of finished hats by clicking here.

BIG thank yous go to my lovely pattern testers, tinyteddies, drmonica, cellemonster and nursepickle.


15 thoughts on “Skater Beanie

  1. Hi Azzy, I’ve just come over from Ravelry. I’m new to crochet and was looking for an easy to do Beanie hat and I think I’m going to try your pattern. The hat looks good and not too complicated. I’m teaching myself with the help of Youtube as I go along – wish me luck! And thank you for the pattern!

    1. Thanks for your comment Kathleen! Let me know if you have any issues with the pattern – I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you find it easy going. I hope you enjoy learning to crochet 🙂

  2. I was looking for the perfect easy beanie to make for three cousins and an uncle visiting on short notice. I found your pattern and after completing one of the hats in under three hours, I’m convinced that this is the best beanie pattern ever! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. I found this pattern on Ravelry and I love it! Thank you so much for posting it. Also, that hat in the banner at the top of the page, did you make it? It’s gorgeous and would love to make something similar. Can you tell me where you got the pattern/ bought it?

  4. I tried and failed terribly making this hat. After spending hours on it I had to unravel it all down to the magic ring. (SIGH) Help! I guess I need hooked on phonics because my measurements just didn’t work and I honestly got a little lost but wanted to so get this right for my son to match his new scarf I made for him. I don’t understand the C part and the D part really had me confused. Could you please help me. Have you considered a video tutorial on this. That would be WONDERFUL or beginners like myself

    1. Hi Tasha

      So sorry for the delay in responding – your comment was stuck in my spam filter!

      Can you go into a little more detail about what in parts C and D confuses you? Have you been able to take your measurements ok? Feel free to drop me an email on azzywazzyATgmailDOTcom and we can chat in a bit more detail if you like.


    1. Hi Maddie

      Sorry it’s not clear! What you need to do is to work a slip stitch into the ring, and then chain two stitches on top of that – so you have a little length of crochet that is in total 3 chains tall – this gives you enough height to work the next 9 dcs into the ring before pulling it tight.

      Does that make sense? Sorry for the delay in replying – I’ve been very busy with work and we’re about to move house, so a lot going on!


  5. Hi, For the crown section, i don’t understand Rnd 2 where it says to Ch 3, then dc in SAME st. Which stitch does that mean please? I’m new to this but am wondering if that is a mistake. Please forgive my ignorance if it’s not!

    1. Hi Sylvia

      Sorry you’re having trouble. When it asks you to dc in the same stitch, that means to place your stitch into the base of where you have chained 3 from – so the chain and dc together appear as a regular stitch. It will look a little strange to begin with, but if you give the hat a soak in warm water when you’re finished, it will block out nicely.

      I hope that helps!

  6. Thank you Azzy for your reply. I’d kind of figured out that I had to dc into the 3 chain space. Thank you for clarifying that it means the base of where the chain has started…in this case the 3 chain space where you have just slip-stitched. I think the word ‘stitch’ confused me.

  7. Hello Azzy, can you confirm that your beanie pattern is in American terminology? I have just finished the crown in British double crochet but can see that you mention sc later on. it would be helpful, especially to beginners like me, if it was stated on the pattern whether it’s in American or British. (I assumed British as you are from Yorkshire)

    I love the pattern and the fact that it can be made to fit.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Angela

      Yes it is! I could have sworn I’d noted it on the pattern or Ravelry page somewhere, but it looks like that in all these years, you’re the first person to mention it.

      Apologies if you have to go back and rework the crown – I’ll update the pattern as soon as I get the chance.

      Thanks so much

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